4 Recipes That Are Fit For a King

Serving the best acclaimed street-food in Los Angeles, Dirt Dog specializes with secret high quality ingredients freshly prepared right before your guest. With a variety of different styles, flavors, and sizes to choose from, it’s easy to find one that will satisfy your taste buds and wallet. Whether you’re looking for the traditional hot dog or a healthier alternative, this is one food that everyone can appreciate. From sandwiches, steaks, wraps, to desserts and salads, you can choose to enjoy your meal whether you want it hot, BBQ’d, or even on the side.

For starters, let’s get to the basics. For starters, everyone has had the experience of eating an already-cooked, pre-toasted, pre-sold bacon-wrapped hot dog from a fast food restaurant. Yes, we all know it’s delicious, but can you say it tastes fresh? This is what you get with Dirt Dogs: crisp, thin slices of cured pork with the clean, no-stick coating you’ll only get from The Original Dirt Dog, and best of all, it comes wrapped in its own toasty paper. This is the real definition of a hot dog, one that doesn’t require a giant slab of fat to cook in.

If you’re looking for something different, try the original recipe with onions, green peppers, and garlic. It may not be the most attractive dish on earth, but trust me, it’s definitely one of the tastiest you’ll ever have. You can also choose between the original with no onions, and the onions-onion-infused version. There’s also a savory blend of beef, turkey, and vegetable that’s served with a tangy dressing. In case you haven’t tried them yet, be sure to try these new flavors and combinations!

Speaking of vegetables, if you’re one of those people who can’t stand cabbage, don’t worry. The Doggie Bag Turkey, Buffalo Chicken, and Veggie Toscana selections are your alternatives. Add them to your Doggie Bag and it will be stuffed with vegetables and satisfy your cravings for something different. These are also great options if you’re trying to keep your budget under control, as the ingredients are inexpensive. They won’t drain your wallet, either.

For those times when you’re out of options and need a quick snack, you can always go with the famous Nacho Cheese Balls. They come in two flavors: blueberry and chocolate chip, and they’re easy to make yourself. Just combine softened cream cheese, chow-choy, and taco seasoning. You’ll have yourself a healthy, cheese-filled dog treat in no time!

Dine with your dog, knowing he’s in perfect company. Feed your four-legged pal a quality kibble filled with meats and vegetables. No matter how often you change your dog’s diet, it’s important to keep the treats fresh and free of bacteria. You’ll be happy you did!

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