5 Reasons Why You May Consider Installing An Invisible Dog Fence

Electric dog fenced, also sometimes called invisible or underground fences, are just one option available when searching for a solution to keep your pet close to home without having to create a physically large boundary line. Unlike a standard wood or chain link fence, electric dog fenced works by putting a thin metal wire underground around the property line that transmits an electrical charge to your pet’s collar whenever they get within close range of the perimeter line. The electricity is not conducted through the dog or pet in any way, but rather transmitted by the metal wire. The electrical charge disrupts the dog’s natural prey drive as well as their natural nervous system. This electrical energy then causes them to become disoriented and make noise, which is what we want to stop.

Many animal control centers and experts all across the country are now recognizing the benefits of installing invisible boundaries on a dog or pet’s property. With so many lost, stray, and abandoned dogs on our streets and properties, it is becoming apparent that there is no correlation between crime rates and the number of abandoned or stray animals found in these areas. Some people feel that if you start taking steps to implement a more territorial defense system, the number of lost, stray, and homeless pets will naturally decrease. However, studies have shown that implementing an electric dog fence and other types of containment systems actually reduces the amount of lost, stray, and abandoned animals over time. Not only does this result in better pet retention rates, but also better economic situations for local municipalities.

So how does an electric dog fence accomplish all of these goals? First of all, by installing a more visible electric dog fence, we make it more challenging for pets to roam free in your yard. This creates a more secure environment, which in turn deters pets from leaving your yard and going into your house or petting your children. By making it more difficult for pets to roam free in your yard, they will spend more time inside the boundaries of your yard and be less likely to stray into your neighbor’s yard. This results in lower stress levels for everyone.

One important factor you should consider before installing an electric dog fence is how much power the unit needs to run. The electrical current needs to be appropriate for the size and height of the collar. Be sure to check the latest price for the exact amount of power needed for the collar you intend on buying. Most brands include the power cord with the purchase, so all you will need to do is plug it in and attach it to the collar. The proper setting should be selected based on the size and shape of your dog.

When installing the invisible fence, you should always check to ensure that you are installing it securely. If there are gaps between the electrified fence and the ground, there may be safety issues that can be problematic if you or a family member steps on the gap. You should always try to anchor the fencing into the ground. You should also check with the manufacturer of the electric dog fence to see how secure the mounting system is.

There are many reasons why you might consider installing an electric dog fence in your yard. You want to be able to protect your pets and keep them off of your property. You are concerned about outdoor allergens and want to reduce your exposure to these pollutants. You have decorative goals when installing this type of fence and more reasons why you may want to install one in your yard.

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