5 Reasons Why Your Dog May Be Having Bad Breath – Learn How To Cure It Easily

Have you ever wondered why do dogs eating spicy food always have such bad breath? Do they really smell so bad and it is really bothering you? Well, there are many reasons behind this and also the cure for these dogs having bad breath. Read on to discover what these reasons are and how to stop your dog’s having this problem.

The first reason why dogs eating spicy food tend to have terrible breath is because of the spices that are used in this particular type of food. You see, the food that we usually feed our dogs is always dry and there is not much seasoning used in it. This is the main reason why most of the foods that we usually eat can cause such bad breath. And since dogs love to eat dry food, they tend to have more problems with this.

The second reason why dogs tend to get mouth odor issues is due to the lack of vitamins and minerals in their normal diet. The food that we normally feed our dogs doesn’t contain enough vitamins and minerals which in return makes them get affected by having this type of problem. Vitamins and minerals help them maintain a healthy body and keep them away from such illnesses as having bad breath.

The third reason why dogs eating spicy food tend to have mouth odor issues is because of the food residue that remains after they finish eating it. After they finish feeding their dogs, they often leave food residue in their mouth which sticks to their teeth and gums. This causes bad breath in most cases. And since dogs love to eat this type of food, it only makes it difficult to remove the food residue out of their mouth.

The fourth reason why dogs often have problems with their breath is because of their genetic makeup. Most dogs are born this way and cannot get rid of the bacteria that causes this problem. These bacteria are found on their tongue, gums and their teeth. Therefore, dogs cannot get rid of them easily unless they can get rid of the smell through brushing their teeth. Brushing their teeth is good for their breath, but if they can’t do it, they might resort to something else to get rid of these bacteria.

The fifth reason why dogs eating spicy food tend to have foul breath is because of their weakened immune system. When their immune system is down, they can’t fight off infections that they might get from bacteria. So, it is very common for dogs to get infections and have bad breath because of having their immune system down. To keep their immune system strong, they need to keep themselves fit and healthy, which means doing plenty of exercise.

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