A Brief Overview of Therapy Dog Training

Therapy dog training is a special form of training for dogs used as a substitute for a human therapist. These dogs have many uses and perform many duties. They can spot signs of physical or mental health issues in their clients and also in humans. Dogs are trained to help their clients to carry out certain tasks. The following are some tips for starting therapy dog training.

Dogs that participate in therapy dog training must be house trained. This eliminates the need to allow the animal to roam free in a home. Service dogs are typically used in conjunction with a qualified therapy animal to help improve the quality of life in various populations such as those with disabilities or those at risk for developing a disability. These dogs also are placed into different environments and served by their handler on a daily basis.

In therapy dog training, these dogs may be asked to perform a variety of tasks. Some of the tasks may include but are not limited to: moving a patient, pulling back a wheelchair, assisting individuals with toileting and getting dressed, walking alongside blind or deaf individuals and getting food from bowls. Some dogs may also be asked to perform specialized tasks. An example is for a blind person to be able to get around without relying on the assistance of others. Therapy animals should also be asked to perform other tasks besides the ones listed here. The handler will determine what tasks are best for the animal.

Many therapy dogs originate from foreign countries where they have been trained for a variety of purposes. Some come from military, law enforcement and other public service animals. Others are bred for competition or show. There are also service or rescue dogs that are trained as domestic dogs.

In therapy dog training, the trainer will teach the dog various skills and behaviors that will help improve the overall quality of the pet’s life. One skill the trainer should teach the dog is to detect anxiety in humans and animals. This is because there are many health conditions that can affect people that are also anxious such as depression and illness. The trainer must teach the dog how to assess the emotional and physical state of humans as well as animals to determine the best course of action. This will ensure the best possible outcome for the animal while providing a humane way to treat patients.

There are many types of therapy dogs throughout the world from which to choose. The most important thing owners will need to do is select a breed that has an excellent temperament. When the dog is trained and taught basic obedience skills, it will provide a valuable service to the patient and family members.

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