Adopting a Dog From a Dog Shelter

A dog shelter or pound is an area in which stray, unwanted, abandoned or relinquished animals mostly cats and dogs are kept. The word “yard” has its roots in the early animal shelters of rural communities, where stray animals would pen or corralled until their owners claimed them. The word today often refers to the animal refuge or pound managed by a government agency. These places can be found all over the United States. Some are better known than others.

The St. Louis animal shelter is the largest in the state with approximately 900 dogs. Most are from puppy mills. Most are up for adoption. Many come from neglected homes and have little or no contact with their humans. These stray dogs are sometimes very affectionate and sweet, but may have a history of abuse or illness. The St. Louis shelter has adopted out more dogs than it can handle.

Some other dog shelters may not be as large. In some areas, you can find dog adoptions programs run by volunteers. In these programs, you can also find dogs that are abused or maimed. Many of these animals have lost their family or have been abandoned by someone who cannot care for them any longer. With some training and help, you can work with the rescue group to give the animals a new home where they will be well cared for.

Dog shelters also have puppies that are not adoptable. You can also find animals that have either lost their families or have been abandoned by owners because they could no longer take care of them. These pets are often very sad, lonely and scared. They need someone to love them, to nurse them and to play with them. You can help an animal like this by donating your time. There are many volunteering opportunities at your local dog shelter.

Another thing to consider before adopting a puppy from a shelter is how much the shelter charges for adoption fees. Most shelters want to work with all types of people who are willing to adopt dogs. If you have the time and money to invest in a pet, there is nothing wrong with adopting a dog or a cat from a shelter. There are many loving and caring dogs waiting for your call.

When you visit a shelter to look for your new dog, ask to see the dogs that have been adopted the longest. This way, you will get an idea of how the dogs have been loved and cared for. If the dog has been at the shelter for a while, chances are good that he or she is already part of the loving team there. Animals at the dog shelter are usually around friendly and nice people who just want the best for dogs. If you live in an area where inclement weather is prevalent, or if you are concerned about leaving your dog outside in inclement weather, leave them in a doghouse – they would be happy with just being left in a crate, but wouldn’t appreciate being left outside all day.

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