An Essential Oil Flea Spray Recipe That Is Fit For All Types of Fleas

One essential oil flea spray recipe that you will want to try is one that has been created by a nursery in Florida. This is known as the Jardine line and it comes complete with everything you need to keep the ticks and larva that infest your pet’s skin away from the insides of your skin. There are several essential oils that are contained in this line, as well as many other beneficial ingredients. The recipe has been created in order to help pet owners keep their pets safe from the tick, which can cause immense damage to humans that come into contact with it.

When searching for a natural essential oil flea spray recipe, it is imperative to look for information about the specific ingredient list for each of the ingredients that make up the recipe. You need to ensure that you are getting exactly what your dog needs in order to protect itself from ticks. There are a number of essential oils that have proven to be very effective against dog fleas, so look for ones that are recommended by experts. Even if you are not able to locate a specific essential oil flea recipe that works, you should still look for one that is safe for your dog’s health.

For a great essential oil flea spray recipe, try mixing a few drops of Jardine essential oils with a small amount of pet grade, hand-held dish washing soap. When you mix these two ingredients together, you can then put the solution into a spray bottle and spray your pet with it. Jardine is one of the most popular essential oils used for fighting off ticks, but it is also safe for use on dogs and cats. By using pet hand-held dish soap to mix the essential oils, you are ensuring that you are giving your pet the best chance at being flea free.

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