Antibiotics For Dog Ear Infection

If your pet dog has an ear infection and you are not sure whether it is caused by an allergy or not, you will want to try an antibiotic for dog ear infection. An antibiotic is an antibiotic and there is a pretty good chance that it will work against the infection as long as it is given in the correct dosage and on the correct schedule. There are several types of antibiotics that can be used to treat this problem but one of the most popular are a type called erythromycin. Erythromycin antibiotics are often used in dogs with internal infections because it works at getting rid of bacteria that can build up in the ears.

The antibiotic treatment for ear infection will need to be given on a schedule. It is best to give the antibiotics to your pet as soon as you notice signs of an ear infection. Dogs with internal infections can sometimes take a little bit longer to recover. The reason is because it takes time for the bacteria in the ear to go away. Once the bacteria is gone the ear will have time to heal and you can give your dog the antibiotic treatment.

There are many things that can cause your dog to have an ear infection such as ear mites, bad weather, or stress. When these things are present, your pet may not be able to make use of its ear properly so you will want to consider giving an antibiotic treatment for ear infection. It is also possible for the bacteria to travel up into the ear canal and cause an infection there as well. This is why you will find that people who have allergies will often have problems with dogs that have this problem as well.

In order to give your dog the right antibiotics for dog ear infection, you will need to see your vet who can help you in this matter. The antibiotics will be administered through a syringe in each ear. You should never force the syringe into your dog’s ear, as you could damage the cartilage or even cause bleeding. Your vet may decide that one antibiotic is better than another, so it is best that you ask him or her which one is best for your pet. You should keep notes of the antibiotics and when the antibiotic treatment was given.

After your dog is given his or her antibiotics for ear infection, you should continue to monitor the ears of your pet for a few days to ensure that the ear infection has gone away. If you notice any type of foul smell coming from the ear, you should again give the antibiotic to treat the ear infection. Keep a close eye on your pet during the antibiotic course because there could be some damage to the ear canal. You should also take care of any cuts or scrapes your dog may have. These things could easily result in an ear infection in your pet.

Although antibiotics for dog ear infection is an effective method for dealing with the problem, you should not overuse the antibiotics for a longer period of time. If your dog suffers from frequent ear infections, then you should try other forms of treatment first. If the antibiotics for dog ear infection do not seem to work, then there are more serious problems that could be affecting your dog. This includes bacterial infections that could lead to mange or even total deafness.

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