Australian Kelpie – Guard Dog or Sheep Herder?

A sheep dog is a large dog or canine usually crossbred with a sheep or a goat to create a working dog used in sheep farming, herding, or similar industries. These can include sheep guard, livestock protector used to protect sheep or other livestock at farms for herding or farmers, and sheep Herder who makes hay while sheep are grazing. Many breeds have also been developed as an assistive breed for working sheepherders.

The herding dogs use their horns, heads, hooves, and antlers to pull, and push sheep into pastures, fences, or pastures. They also use their long bodies to jump on and knock over sheep or push them over if they are trying to escape. They have excellent noses for picking up sheep by the scruff, and they often carry a needle and thread to lure the Sheepdog’s prey. The most common breed among sheep dog and herding dogs is the Italian Greyhound.

Sheep dog trials allow the canine competitors to show off their agility, endurance, and workmanship. There are numerous sheep dog trials held each year, mostly in the U.S. They test the abilities of the best in sheep dogs. These trials can be found in the states of Idaho, Utah, Illinois, and Colorado.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) regulates sheep dog and herding dog competitions. It requires aspiring herding dogs and sheep dog breeders to pass several tests to prove their skills as working dogs. These tests require agility, strength, endurance, and intelligence in the breed. Breeders are required to demonstrate that their chosen sheep dog will comply with specific training procedures before being allowed to participate in a competition.

Australian Kelpie has been known to be aggressive, courageous, and highly intelligent. It was initially bred to serve as a companion dog, and it later became famous for herding purposes. This breed loves to herd sheep. There is an Australian Kelpie tradition that goes back hundreds of years. The Aussies were originally used as hunters but now are commonly used as herding dogs.

Aussies have even been used by the British during the Industrial Revolution as sharpshooters. Aussies and Welsh Sheepdog are the same breed, and they have some in common with the English Shepherd dog as well. The English Shepherd dog is very popular today. But the Aussies are still popular among those that want a good working dog, as well as people who like dogs that herd sheep. And since the Aussie is also known to be fierce when it comes to defending its owner, it is one of the best breeds to choose if you are looking for a guard dog.

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