Australian Shepherd Info

The Aussie Dog is a medium sized large breed of purebred dog, which were first developed in the US, and later identified as a national breed in the mid 20th century. The previous forebears of this foundation dogs likely had many different sources, but generally were UK countryside landrace herding Collies of various classes and/ or regions. However, there are very few purebred Australian Shepherds left in the world and it has been recently estimated that there are less than five percent of the original Australian Shepherds left alive today. The Australian Shepherd breed is now a much rarefied breed, and very little purebred Australian Shepherds are around which makes finding an Australian Shepherd much more challenging than finding a purebred Shih Tzu or Chinese Acupuncture sheepdog.

The Australian Shepherd dog was developed as a cross between a White English Sheepherd and North Australian Shepherds (now known as the Australian Shepherd) – with the goal of producing a very strong and agile working dog that was able to assist sheep Herder in herding. The dogs were originally intended to be herding dogs for small flocks of sheep on short term leases, but after some time they became popular as family pets. Although the original intention of the Aussies was to work alongside sheepherders, in actual use they were quite aggressive and often got into conflicts with other dogs. Over time, the Aussie dogs became used as household dogs and were used to guard the flock from harm and also became known as great watchdogs due to their temperament.

There are many unique traits that make up the Australian Shepherd dog, making them a very popular family dog around the world. First and foremost, the Aussie is a very loyal companion and will be there to protect and look after the family. The Australian Shepherd dog is also extremely intelligent, with a natural desire to please and a playful spirit. Due to the mix of these traits, the Australian Shepherd makes a great family pet that is easy to train and very trainable. They are great to have as both a family pet and a show dog.

The Australian Shepherd has a very athletic body and a great capacity for exercise, being a very good runner and athlete. This helps to explain why so many Aussies are used as professional athletes throughout the world. These dogs also have a very good sense of smell, being able to distinguish between different scents at a distance.

The Australian Shepherd dog has many health problems common to the purebred dog, including hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism and congenital defects. However, these problems are usually mild and can be treated with a few routine check ups. Also, although the Australian Shepherd does carry a tendency to be sensitive towards loud noises, it is usually not a major problem and is not a cause for alarm. These dogs tend to be very calm and do not like overly loud noise. Because of their loyalty and devotion to their owners, they make an ideal family dog.

It should also be mentioned that the Australian Shepherd dog suffers from some allergies, such as hypersensitivity to wheat and flea saliva. Aussies also suffer from skin allergies, which can be a little more serious than allergies to foods, although it is much less likely to affect the health of your dog. Although they have a short coat that is very comfy and thick, the Aussie has a tendency to shed a lot. They also produce a great amount of urine, making this a huge problem if you don’t want to get a stain on your carpet or furniture.

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