Cold Noses and Hard Work: Welcoming a Puppy While Starting a Business

According to a recent study, there are over 30 million small businesses in the United States. Statisticians also claim there are more than 63 million dogs in American homes. Such high numbers suggest that many have welcomed pets into their lives while simultaneously creating startups. Tackling both at the same time can be done, despite the challenges. Here are some tips on building a venture while tending to your new best friend.

Assure Your Dog’s Comfort

Select a bed that is the right size and style for your pup. Dogs love lying in the sunshine so position your friend where sunbeams land. Confine your dog to a limited space with puppy gates, reducing the odds he or she will find trouble. Ask your breeder or seller for permission to bring home a favorite toy or blanket. Having a familiar item nearby or something with your scent on it, such as an old shirt, available for play keeps your hound more relaxed.

Order Toys and Treats

Building your company becomes more difficult when an animal companion is constantly demanding attention. Chew toys can help alleviate this problem. You also need reward snacks to deliver positive reinforcement for good behavior. Save time by ordering supplies online or signing up for a monthly box of goodies from Worthy Wags delivered directly to your door. Everything included is carefully selected by pet experts, and packages are tailored to your dog’s breed, size, and age.

Designate Your Company as a Limited Liability Corporation

Now that your canine buddy is settled in, you can begin forming your venture. If you are establishing a one-person business, you probably want to register it as a Limited Liability Corporation. There are multiple advantages to doing so, such as reduced taxes, lowered liability, and added professional credibility. Since states have different requirements regarding LLCs, conduct some research before moving forward in TX. This task can be made easier by hiring an LLC formation service to complete and file the paperwork on your behalf.

Electronically Arm Yourself

Your business needs a web presence, an e-commerce solution, and digital protection. All of these can be acquired from the comfort of your home office. Use a web-design service to create a slick online portal. Alternatively, hire a team of web creation specialists. Have shopping cart software incorporated into your site’s design so customers can make purchases using a wide variety of payment methods. Use encryption software to make sure data remains secure. Speaking of which, you should always arm your computer with anti-virus software.

Stay in Control

With all the difficulties of starting a new venture, you may begin to feel frazzled. No matter how frustrated you get, refrain from screaming or throwing objects at your pet. These behaviors are likely to make your new arrival feel uneasy. Let off steam by tending to your four-legged friend with belly rubs and reassurance. Go for a walk and play a few rounds of fetch at the park. Upon returning to the office, you should feel refreshed, and Rover will probably be napping soundly, leaving you to work in peace.

Many business people struggle to balance entrepreneurship with acclimating their puppies into their forever homes. By employing some well-worn strategies, businesspersons can handle both without their sanity going to the dogs.

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