Do Dogs Have a Defending Reflex?

Many dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds can be found guarding their owners. Though we would like to think that all dogs are timid creatures looking out for us, there are always exceptions to this rule. When guarding is necessary, it is essential to know the dogs protecting owners’ habits. Knowing how the dog guards can help an owner to protect his or her family. There are certain signs that show if a dog is defending its master.

The dogs who guard aggressively should be avoided. A dog who barks at people when they pass or who sprays continuously is one indication of dogs who are protecting owners. These dogs may often bite or attempt to attack other dogs.

Guarding does not mean a dog will attack another dog. Many dogs protect their owners by sitting on the fence or sometimes even sleeping in the same bed as the owner. The idea here is to make the dog feel comfortable in the owner’s presence. Dogs who sleep in beds beside the owner are usually guarding dogs. Some dogs will even guard the doorway to the backyard. If you have these types of dogs, keep them in separate rooms until they are house trained.

Guarding does not mean your dog will attack other animals or people. Many dogs are used to cats and will sit to protect women who approach them. Others will chase away mice or small animals that approach while the owner is outside. Other dogs will protect their owners from unwanted guests such as gossipy neighbors.

If a dog starts to act out in a negative way, get rid of the dog. Do not give in to a dog that is exhibiting bad behavior. There are many resources to help stop a dog from attacking another dog. You can try talking to your neighbors or taking your dog to a professional trainer. Remember that training a dog is an ongoing process.

When dogs guard their owners, it protects the owner and his family. It is a win-win situation. The dog is happy and the owner is happy. Both parties win!

It is important to train your dog not to jump on guests. This includes children who are visiting. A dog that jumps on visitors can scare them, which can lead to bad feelings towards the guest and the family. It can also cause embarrassment for the guest, which is not good for the family.

Some dogs will also protect their owners when they are attacked. They will shield their owner from danger. This serves two purposes. One, it allows the dog to feel protected and secure and two, it helps the dog fight off the aggressor. A dog has no problem defending itself if it feels its life is in imminent danger. This is called the defense response.

Most dogs do not realize that they are actually doing something to protect their owners. The best thing to do if you think your dog may be protecting its owner is to take the dog to a professional trainer. This can be done for under a hundred dollars. Many dogs that were abused in their past can be rehabilitated and trained to be the best friend that it can be again. Training dogs can be fun and educational.

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