Dog Health Care & Wellness During Covid-19

It is a sad fact that many dogs have been dropped off at shelters or left to their own devices as a result of the restrictions placed on their humans to control the spread of the Corona virus. However, there is no reason why dog health care & wellness cannot continue as per normal during this worldwide crisis.

Besides, your dog is probably the best companion that you can have to comfort you, make you smile and keep you busy and entertained if you are suddenly forced to stay at home.

5 Dog health care & wellness tips to keep your dog happy and healthy while facing this worldwide event include:

1. Dogs And Corona virus

We have all seen social media posts and some reports that state that pets, especially dogs, can be infected with the Corona virus. This is fake news and simply not true. If you have contracted Covid-19, you cannot infect your dog with the virus. You also need not be concerned about your dog infecting you. Covid-19 does NOT affect dogs.

2. Nutrition

Your dog is a canine and therefore carnivorous. This means that their diet consists primarily of meat. Meat is high in protein and dogs need this in spades to maintain healthy muscle tone, a shiny coat and good overall health. Make sure that the dog food you are buying isn’t packed full of carbs from maize, wheat or other starchy and cheap plant-based foods. These are generally added to the food simply to bulk it up. Ask your vet about a high protein diet.

3. Give A Dog A Bone

Of course dogs love bones and there are plenty of health benefits to them enjoying a bone on a regular basis. However, it is preferable to avoid giving them chicken or pork bones. These bones splinter and can result in particles becoming impacted in the gut. Cooked bones are also not always ideal as they can also splinter. Don’t give big dogs small bones that they can swallow easily and that present a choking hazard. A raw bone provides your dog with plenty of calcium, iron from the marrow and will help keep their teeth clean and healthy.

4. Take A Walk

Exercise is extremely important for dogs. If they don’t burn up that pent-up energy, they will enter into unwanted behaviors like chewing furniture, urinating in the house or simply being excitable, resulting in biting and scratching. At least a 15 to 20 minute walk every day is advisable and will also help burn off excess fat that can be harmful to their health. Walk your dog on a treadmill or have some energetic playtime if you can’t get them out of the house.

5. Hygiene

Hygiene is just as important to dogs as it is to humans. Bath your dog regularly using a suitable shampoo. Check for ticks and fleas and mite infection in the ears. If you are feeding your dog raw bones, they shouldn’t need to have their teeth brushed. However, oral hygiene is important so invest in a doggy toothbrush and toothpaste to keep their teeth healthy and clean. Brushing their coat regularly is also important and a good bonding experience plus your dog will love it. Clip their nails or have your vet or local dog salon take care of this task.

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