Dogs Are Incredible Pets – Even When They Bark

Dogs are incredible companions. Their loyalty, affection and unconditional love make them delightful additions to our lives. However, for all their wonderful qualities they can be a handful at times. It is no wonder then that many dogs end up homeless. Of course it would be nice if all dogs could stay in loving homes but sadly this is not the case and millions of dogs are homeless today.

A new book called “The Good Life: Creating Long-Term Relationships with Your Dog and Puppy” by Korean-American psychologist, Dr. Jeong Soo, PhD, tackles the problem in an informative and humorous manner. Dr. Soo contends that dogs are best served through positive reinforcement rather than punishment. By using a series of linked videos, Dr. Soo helps dog owners enhance the special relationship between their dogs and themselves by encouraging them to be kinder to their pets. The book begins by teaching dog owners how to properly care for their dogs by feeding them healthy food, playing with them and taking them for regular walks. Next, the book goes on to explain how dogs work and why they have such strong personalities despite their simple function. Lastly, the book examines different kinds of dog breeds and suggests ways for dog owners to build a healthy and long relationship with their dogs.

The Good Life addresses several issues related to dog ownership, from proper care and grooming to how to train a dog not to beg when you are away. The book also addresses various health problems that dogs can suffer from, including hip dysplasia and arthritis. One interesting section of the book addresses the question, “What’s good for human beings but not dogs?” The answer lies in the fact that dogs are more closely related to us than any other animal. In this way, we can better understand their needs and desires.

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