Don’t Let Your Dog Get Away With It – Preventing Food fights Over Food

Dogs are pack animals and they will fight over food. This behavior can be very dangerous to both you and your dogs. Dogs that continuously fight over food are more likely to become overweight, seriously ill and even die. That’s because they don’t communicate with each other and neither do they understand the cues that tell them when to sit or stand. If you’re dealing with a dog that’s continually upset over the food, here are some signs that might suggest the problem is about to erupt into a full-blown dogs fighting over the food fight.

Watch for aggressive behavior toward you or other members of the family. When dogs are hungry they’re naturally friendly and protective of their owners. But, if they’re not getting enough food then they’ll start to display more aggressive behavior toward humans and other dogs. They might snap, pierce the ear of another dog, scratch, or attack you. In extreme cases, they could even bite or attack another dog.

Look for signs of hunger in your dog. If your dog is constantly barking or whining while eating or digging at its food, it may be preparing for a food fight. It wants attention! But, it’s probably not hungry yet.

Watch your dogs for aggressive tendencies. Aggressive or snappy dogs often have insecure thoughts about their owners and their food. They believe that other dogs are going to get it first and that they get last. If you notice this in your dog, he’s ready for a fight.

Observe your dog as they eat. Are they digging in their bowl, licking their lips, staring at you, or moving around the plate? Some dogs are simply depositing the food they’ve just eaten so they won’t have to keep going back to it. However, others are actually trying to get the food to you faster. If your dogs are doing one of these things, he’s not happy with you and may be ready for a fight.

Dogs need to be treated as people do. If you want to prevent a food fight, make sure your dog is taken to the bathroom before feeding him. Be sure to reward good behavior with a treat. This will make your dog feel confident that you’re aware of what’s going on. Good luck!

If the food fight doesn’t work, perhaps you’ll need to take a different approach. Some dogs simply are territorial and cannot be placated. In this case, there are special training methods available. It might even be necessary to see a vet.

Remember that dogs crave attention. Food can become a huge fight club if you’re not careful. If you want to avoid a nasty dog food fight, make sure your dog always has plenty of attention and a chance to play. Reward good behavior with lots of praise and a dog biscuit!

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