Facts About The English Pointer Dog Breed

The Pointer is a medium-size breed of begging dog developed originally in England. This dog enjoys lots of attention and loves to please its owner by pointing at various objects. Pointers were introduced to the USA in the later part of the 1800s as hunting aids for the game hunters. With proper care and maintenance this can be a wonderful companion for a family with children.

The pointer dog also enjoys getting a lot of attention and will not do well if kept inside all day. To maintain a good health condition of your pointer dog it should be brushed on a regular basis. It is important that you brush the coat of this dog to remove all loose hairs and prevent matting of the coat. If you have a female pointer, you need to brush the coat often because females tend to be more sensitive to brush the coats than the males.

There are three other breeds of dogs which are very similar to the pointer dog, these being the basset hound, the Boston terrier and the Welsh spaniel. They are popular as pets in America and Europe. These three breeds have some common characteristics, which can help you in choosing them as your pet. In case you are adopting a puppy from a shelter or breeder, ask about the other breeds of dogs the puppies have been trained to cope with.

Pointers have been bred since the late 1800s, and they have gained a lot of popularity since then. They were one of the first breeds of bird dogs to be developed and used as a hunting tool. They were initially bred to be used as gun dogs, and they served in the army as guide dogs, bomb dogs, and so forth. The pointer was developed to be a companion breed and this breed was bred in large quantities during the 19th century.

Today there are numerous pointer dog breeds available on the market. It has been estimated that there are at least fifty different pointer dog breeds in the market today which have a total population of over sixty thousand. There is also the British Cocker Spaniel, which is the most popular breed. These dogs come in a variety of colors such as black, tan, gray and silver and you can choose your dog based on its color.

Although the health of the pointer is not as strong as the other dog breeds, it is still relatively healthy. You can ensure that your pet is in good health by feeding it a high-quality, balanced diet. You should also take it for daily exercise to avoid health problems such as arthritis. Daily exercise will also help release the energy in your pointer which is usually stored in its muscles.

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