Free Dog Training Resources – How To Find Them Online

A good place to start is with these great videos. Here are some of my favorites:

The Best Free Dog Training Videos Online. This video series from Pet Clever showcases some of the best free videos on puppy training. Pet Clever puts out videos about dog behavior, as well as other useful videos. If you’re into dog behavior and have questions about training your puppy, this is one of the videos to really consider.

In Fact, Science-Based Training Works. This series from the University of Veterinary Medicine at New York has taken an in-depth look at the training of doggies. Dr. Jill Valentine and her team put forth a thorough review of the scientific basis behind this type of instruction. They not only explore how you can train your dog, but also give specific tips on how to make it easier for you. It’s definitely a great online dog training video to check out if you want specific tips on how this works.

In Person classes Are Just As Good As Online Training Courses. There are definitely many differences between online dog training courses and in-person classes, and I have to admit that they are sometimes hard to navigate. In-person trainers tend to have an advantage over those who only use a laptop or tablet. You get face to face contact with your trainer, and you can ask plenty of questions without worrying about mishearing or getting lost. You can also look at the videos, which are presented by actual trainers in the field.

Constructive Criticism – A major factor in any form of training is learning how to properly criticize what you observe your dog doing wrong. One of the most common complaints about trainers is that they act too quick to physical or verbal corrective measures. However, you’ll find that constructive criticism goes a long way toward correcting behavior problems. Your puppy is learning what he or she is not supposed to do, so if you take the time to notice and critique your puppy’s actions, then you can stop them before they’ve had chance to develop into more serious problems.

The best part about looking for online dog training resources is that they’re free. Some trainers go the extra mile and create private classes, which are still highly beneficial. If you need help with any aspect of dog behavior, whether it’s potty training, obedience training, or handling issues, then look into all the free dog behavior resources that you can find online. Whether you’re looking for a one-on-one puppy training session, or you just need to read up on how a specific breed is more aggressive or timid, there are lots of free resources out there that you should definitely check out.

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