Helps Make Hair of Your Dog Growing

In our polite society, the word “hare” has an archaic connotation. The word is often used in comedy skits, where a character’s unfortunate behaviour is lampooned. Often the comical nature of such humour is lost on the viewer, unless the context is explained first. A “hare” is an offensive word to most people, so a skit that mocks the idea of using “hare” as a benign term may not be well received.

“Hare’s hair”, shortened for “hair of the dog that bit you,” is an idiom primarily used to describe an accidental drunkenness. The origin of this idiom is probably derived from “hare” and “bite,” perhaps something like “hare’s foot,” “the dog that bit me,” “the dog that bit my toe,” or “the hare that bit me good,” etc. The words were likely borrowed from various ballads from the Middle Ages.

In most of these ballads, the characters use an alcoholic drink to try and cure their ailment. It is not uncommon to find the lines “othe your pain by the blood-red streams” or “this hangover will be gone by morning” in a ballad. The earliest known print reference to the phrase probably comes from a 16th century French book. The book described how a monk who was sent to an alehouse to cure a disease was cursed after having too much to drink: his entire scalp became covered with thick dark hair.

In more modern times, the phrase originated in network marketing. A company would sponsor a contest in which they offered a prize to the person who could cure a customer’s headache using only liquor. Today’s version is much different, but the goal is still the same: reward people for being productive, not necessarily for having a pleasant experience. To make it worth your while, you might want to offer some sort of gift or discount to those who drink alcohol regularly. You can give away “free” drinks at company parties or simply give away “tasteless” prizes to people who sign up for your “mailing list.”

If you’re feeling better now, how about dropping a few hints to your friends who drink? You can easily slip in a line like, “I think you need some hangovers. Hope you feel better.” If they are a regular at the bar, they’ll be sure to stock up on enough booze to last the rest of the night. You can also use this method if you’re entertaining. Instead of just saying, “You need some hangovers,” when the person has to take a shot, you can instead say, “You smell like a bar, but I think you need to have a drink.”

If you want to up the ante a bit, try mixing up the drinks and asking guests to choose their favorite (or their least favorite) drink. For instance, if everyone chooses a Margarita, you can make a Margarita out of lime juice, mint juice, and ice and serve it with a shot of tequila. The mixed drinks will surely be a big hit. Of course, you can also incorporate other tasty treats into your dog’s diet. Mixed nuts and raisins are a great way to get him to eat his vegetables, and small pieces of cheese sprinkled on his food will help him get used to the taste of alfalfa sprouts.

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