How Does Cedar Oil Repel Fleas?

A popular natural remedy for flea and tick prevention is cedar oil. Cedar is one of the few naturally occurring aromatic chemicals that repel fleas. The essential oil of cedar can be used topically to treat dogs and cats with flea bite dermatitis. The first ingredient in cedar oil is cedar, which serves as a powerful antiseptic to eliminate bacteria and fungi from the skin. To make it, pure fresh cedar bark is boiled for about an hour to make a thick ointment, then the resulting oil is applied topically on the affected areas.

Fleas lay their eggs near the surface of the skin, in hard-to-reach hair follicles. When cedar oil is applied topically, it prevents the ticks from hatching. It also inhibits the blood supply to the ticks’ bodies. The oil, in combination with other natural ingredients, has been proven to be as effective as conventional flea and tick treatments. However, it is important to remember that cedar oil is a topical treatment only – it cannot be used internally.

One of the most compelling reasons for using cedar oil as a natural remedy for dogs against fleas is that it provides significant therapeutic benefits for dogs. Cedar has long been known for its healing properties, especially for arthritic and dog hip dysplasia. The oil works as an anti-inflammatory agent for dogs that has similar properties as aspirin. It also reduces inflammation and swelling, easing discomfort, while relieving redness.

The properties of the oil are also believed to inhibit the growth and development of the larvae of ticks. This leads to diminished number of ticks in the environment. It also reduces itching, while preventing lesions from developing and further inflammation. An interesting study conducted by Norwegian scientists found that cedar oil was effective in the treatment of Lyme disease in humans. It was also found to have anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and anti-viral properties.

The scientists discovered that cedar oil contains “spike compounds” which are potent toxins. The spike compounds stop the ticks from developing. In addition, it contains capsaicin, which can cause irritation to the respiratory system and stimulate coughing. However, the efficacy of cedar oil against fleas was found to be limited. It was found that the oils are not able to penetrate the thick fur of the host animal and thus cannot be applied directly to the skin.

Despite these findings, there are still some authorities who are positive about the benefits of cedar oil against fleas. The use of cedar in the manufacture of dog shampoos and bedding is said to be very beneficial for keeping the pets healthy and happy. Another advantage of cedar oil is the low cost of production and distribution. It is available at pet shops and pharmacies. There are some manufacturers who produce specialized cedar oil shampoos that have been approved for use in human beings too.

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