How Dogs Are Fighting Over Food at Home?

Dogs fighting over food can be a distressing situation. If you own a dog and have observed them begin to fight over meals, there are steps you can take to help you stop this behaviour in its tracks. Dog fighting is often a form of pet aggression where two or more pets fight, normally over food. Like other animal aggression, however, it’s not always a sign of disdain towards an individual or pet.

Food aggression in dogs can be difficult to identify initially and can be mistakenly attributed to other behaviours. Some owners will feel that if their dog barks when they enter the kitchen it’s a way of saying they’re pleased with you. However, dogs don’t really understand words; they simply connect actions with words. If you notice your dog constantly barking, particularly when you’re away from the house, then it could be an indication of food aggression.

One of the biggest warning signs of dogs fighting over food is excessive licking. Licking is considered a way of relieving itching, and dogs naturally want to relieve this itchiness. However, excessive licking can also lead to skin problems as well as dental decay. It can also be a sign that your pet is suffering from discomfort in the area. If your dog has excessive licking around the face, ears and anus, then you should visit your local pet MD.

If you believe your dog has either learnt to fight over food or is suffering from another health issue such as urinary tract infection, you should visit your local vet. A professional pet doctor will be able to identify what is causing the behaviour and recommend the best course of action. For example, your vet may recommend that your pet sitters remove all foods from the table altogether. This won’t solve the problem overnight, but most dogs adjust quickly and start eating normally again. Removing all treats from the dog’s diet will usually take a few weeks, but will stop any further fights over food, which will be very important to you and your dog.

Some dog owners are tempted to try and resolve these dog fights in their own homes by using anti-bark collars, sprays, etc. However, these methods often fail, as they don’t address the root cause. Instead of using collars, why not visit your local pet MD and ask for advice about what other, more permanent, solutions you can use to address the underlying issues. Once you have discovered these problems, your vet will be able to prescribe a series of exercises and dietary changes that will completely eliminate any future dog fights over food and help you and your pet stay healthy and happy for many years. This is by far the quickest and easiest way to put an end to any ongoing dog fight.

Remember, that it’s not your fault that your dogs are fighting over food, and that the reason they’re doing this is because they are bored, stressed, hungry, or looking for attention. Changing the environment in your home will not only make your dog happy, healthy and more inclined to obey, but it will also help solve your pet’s behavior problems. Stop feeding your dog leftovers, and start taking him to see his vet for a regular check-up, including a complete exam and careful examination of his teeth and gums. Only your vet can tell you if there is something more serious going on with your pet’s health, and if you suspect a bigger problem, a complete examination is definitely something you should do immediately.

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