How Safe Are Tomatoes For Dogs?

Do dogs have tomatoes? While consuming tomatoes has some advantages, there are also certain dangers when you do it wrong. So be very careful about this question if you are still thinking about whether or not your dog can have tomatoes. Be ready with the following information in order to tell if your dog can actually eat tomatoes.

The majority of dogs can and will eat a variety of fruits and vegetables. However, a tomato is a fruit and as such it can cause some upsets with your dog. As the tomato is a fruit, the pulp contains a great amount of natural sugars which your dog may not want. The sugar contained in the pulp is what makes it bad for your dog. To solve this problem, try to limit the amount of food your dog eats that contains the real fruit pulp. You can also try giving your dog a sugar-free variety of tomato.

Dogs can also be allergic to some of the ingredients in certain types of tomato sauce. This problem is more prevalent for those who use cooking sauces containing vinegar or bleach. Vinegar and bleach can be harmful to dogs if they are consumed in large amounts. There are also varieties of tomato sauce which contain onion which can be harmful to your pooch. Keep in mind that onion is also made up of natural sugars and as such can be dangerous to dogs just like the tomato sauce.

There are also many diseases that can be caused by various types of plants and fruits and one of these is tomato poisoning. There are both natural and chemical toxins present in many tomatoes and plants. A number of plants can contain toxic compounds that can prove fatal when consumed. One particular plant that is believed to be poisonous is the Allium genus and its varieties such as papaya, albums etc. It is often found that giving your beloved dog fruits or even vegetables containing this allium family can lead to poisoning.

Even if there aren’t any obvious signs of poisoning in your dog, it is always wise to take precautionary measures such as immediately calling your veterinarian or at least consulting a garden store about what to do for your dog’s safety. There are several safe alternatives to feeding your pet with fruits or veggies containing Allium species. Tomatoes are safe for dogs provided you give them organic ones. You can also try other alternatives like carrots, squash, cabbage, broccoli etc. or even green beans. However, you must always keep in mind that organic foods can be more nutritious for your dog than those that are grown using pesticides.

Tomato leaves can also cause diarrhea and vomiting in dogs as a result of toxic compounds called solanine. If the leaves contain this toxin, you can easily conclude that your dog ingested solanine. Solanine is an alkaloid which is found in tomato leaves as well as fruits and vegetables. This toxin can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and even fainting among dogs if large amounts are ingested. You can avoid this scenario by carefully reading the labels on the produce before buying it from a grocery store or a garden store.

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