Isle Of Dogs Review

Isle of Dogs is the newest video game from the Animal Crossing series. It is the follow-up on Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I am not going to lie to you – I was worried about the Wii U version not being a Nintendo Switch release. However, it turns out this game is a really well-made port of the 3DS game, which is actually a really good thing. Here’s why.

Unlike the somewhat bare bones of its predecessors, Isle of Dogs is a fun game to play. When, by executive order, all but all of the canine species of Megasa city are banished to a large garbage dump known as Trash Island, 12-year-old Atari sets off on his solo journey to find his missing dog, Spots. There, aided by a small group of mischievous new friends, he starts an amazing adventure that will ultimately decide the fates of the whole Prefecture and much of Earth itself. The island of Dogs is broken up into three different maps – each with its own particular storyline. Each one also includes its own set of animals, which can be collected and adopted in return for items.

The game mechanics themselves are not particularly unique or engaging. You will need to explore crates, dig holes, catch bugs, and plant flowers to add to your inventory (and spoil your opponents’ crops). Occasionally, you will need to build bridges or knock down walls to access previously inaccessible parts of the island. The pace is generally slow and uninteresting, but is certainly entertaining enough to keep you coming back for more. The island is filled with secrets and Easter eggs to find, and collecting all of them will make your character more powerful and earn you money which you can use to buy upgrades.

However, this isn’t the only aspect of Isle of Dogs which disappoints. The fact that there are only four characters at most means that you are restricted to playing against people who have the same surname as you – and this can limit your strategy when it comes to choosing attacks and abilities, as they are randomly selected and may not be appropriate for the enemy class you are fighting. Furthermore, the four-character design makes it difficult to plan strategies for entire teams of people, and if you are playing with friends the challenge is even greater! The developers did attempt to address these issues with several games, but it’s clear that Isle of Dogs is still very much a “side” game in comparison to other games on Facebook.

Despite all of these issues, Isle of Dogs still manages to retain its fun, creative, and bright colors. The game mechanics are mostly simple and do not utilize any fancy graphics or sound effects. However, that doesn’t mean that the game is not enjoyable to play – far from it! If anything, the simplicity of the mechanics actually helps to make the game more interesting to players, as they are not forced to learn complex traits and abilities that many other games force you to learn.

Isle of Dogs is available for a low price on Facebook. Although the game itself is fairly short, I would recommend you purchase the full version to get all of the endings and challenges. The game is well worth the price, and even if you don’t like the game, you will definitely appreciate the efforts that the developers had to go to make this one a fun and engaging experience. Like many hidden object games, Isle of Dogs is a game that can be played alone, but if you enjoy role playing games like hidden object puzzle or visual novels then I would recommend you give this one a try!

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