My Dogs Love to Play in the Schuylkill River Trail

Dog parks have a special place in many people heart as they watch their pet dogs play with other dogs and be around other dog breeds. The dog park near me is a great place to visit and bring your dog if you have one. This dog park is near Philadelphia and has been to it numerous times before.

It used to be a bit tricky to find a good Philadelphia dog park near me before I found this one. My dogs always liked to run off and hide at the edge of the wooded area next to the Schuylkill river. There were a lot of benches near the park but it wasn’t very close to where my dogs could run off to play. There were a couple of metal dog benches and there were some wood dog benches but they were way too far apart to actually use. It wasn’t a very big park, so there weren’t that many places to lie down.

A friend of mine suggested to me that maybe there was a way to get to the park without having to walk for so long. He told me about the Schuylkill River Park which is on the other side of the creek and has a lot of space for different kinds of dog and people to play together. I had been thinking about getting my dogs here for a while and thought it would be a fun experience. The other thing is the fact that this park is right near an urban park downtown so I can walk to the boardwalk to enjoy some of the city’s nightlife.

The park has a lot of different activities for people who aren’t looking to just run off and play. It also has some hiking trails so that my dogs can explore the area. My dogs love hiking and they love being outside so when I take them to the park, I can simply take them with me. They love being outside so much that I sometimes take them on days that I want to be out and about. They have also started to use the hiking trails to just explore the surroundings and run through the trails themselves to get their exercise.

Another reason why I love the Schuylkill river trail so much is because it’s not far from where I live. Most dog owners in the Philadelphia area have dogs that live in the suburbs, so it makes it really hard to get to the park if you don’t live anywhere near downtown. The benefit of being able to take my dogs on a two and one half mile hiking trail instead of trying to drive or walk the whole thing means that I can spend more time enjoying the outdoors. Other dog owners like the fact that there are no restrooms so the only thing they have to do is bring their puppies in the car or on the sit or whatever they want to do outside.

This park is perfect for taking my puppies on a daycare visit. I enjoy going on a trip with them and this gives them a chance to experience playing with other dogs. If you do go on a daycare visit, then you know that they will have lots of fun playing with other kids as long as they have play space. You can usually find a dog park near you with lots of play space and amenities for your pet.

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