Supplement Combination for Dogs

If your dog has osteoarthritis, one of the most promising treatment is the use of gabapentin for dogs. It is actually a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) medication that has been used to treat arthritis in humans for decades. It was initially used to treat severe arthritic conditions in children. However, it has been found to have very positive results in dogs suffering from mild and moderate arthritic conditions, particularly hip dysplasia and dislocation. Many of these dogs have been treated with gabapentin for dogs as their traditional arthritis treatment.

In fact, this is one of the few arthritis treatment options available specifically targeted to dogs. Another option available is the use of NSAIDs like ibuprofen, but they tend to be reserved for cases where the symptoms are so minimal that they do not present a threat to your pet’s health. This is why gabapentin for dogs is becoming such a popular choice. It provides pain relief without putting your dog at risk for side effects like those of NSAIDs.

The gabapentin for dogs, you will come across in stores or online are available as a tablet or a chewable supplement. A chewable tablet is preferable because dogs are more likely to take it with food than with a supplement. There are also many manufacturers who have introduced gabapentin with a liquid supplement to be taken by the owner in a specially designed drinking bottle. This liquid supplement can easily be added to water for your pet’s daily drink.

Like any NSAID, gabapentin has its own side effects, which can range from mild stomach upset to severe kidney failure. Because dogs are more likely to be exposed to gabapentin than people, it is especially important that a vet checks for it during a gabapentin for dogs clinical examination. Severe side effects such as bleeding and even kidney failure have been reported in some cases. A vet should make this link before prescribing gabapentin for dogs.

Gabapentin for dogs can help prevent the development of osteoarthritis. This is the most common form of canine arthritis and is characterized by stiffness and pain around the joints. Gabapentin may help relieve the stiffness and pain by reducing inflammation. It also reduces pain by acting on the synovial fluid present in the joint and thereby protecting it from fluids that can damage it. It can be very helpful for dogs with osteoarthritis, but its benefits come at a price.

If you are thinking about adding gabapentin to your dog’s daily routine, talk to your vet first. Although gabapentin for dogs is a relatively safe supplement, some dogs do not respond well to this medication and should always be monitored closely. Consult your vet for a supplement combination that is right for your pet.

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