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Teaching Your Dog to Stop Fighting For Dominance

Dogs fighting for dominance behavior is actually pretty humorous to watch. Sometimes it even seems on the screen to illustrate just how dominant a dog truly is. But in reality, it is just your pet dog showing tension and fear as he feels he is being left out by you. You need to understand that dogs are pack animals and they will do anything to protect their group. It is part of their survival instincts and dogs that are naturally aggressive will do everything in their power to protect their pack, especially you.

It has been said that dogs are pack animals, which means that they are naturally competitive with each other and they always want to be the leader. One example of how your pet dog feels when he feels he is being left out is by exhibiting “fighting for dominance”. He will likely raise his tail, snarl, bite and show other types of aggression in order to dominate the situation. Even if your dog doesn’t realize it, he is exhibiting signs of dominance and this is the easiest way for him to defend himself against any other dogs.

Some people say that dogs are naturally competitive and they do not fight for anything except to establish their dominance over other dogs. However, studies have shown that certain dogs exhibit fight or flee behavior when they feel their territory is being threatened. Most dogs will run away from an angry person, but some do not. If you have a dog that is exhibiting fight or flee behavior then chances are he is also trying to assert himself as the leader of your pack, which may mean that he feels he needs to take over your home and the only way he can do that is by showing you who is in charge.

One thing you should know about dogs fighting for dominance is that there is no cure. You cannot train your dog not to fight. No matter what you do, they will fight. You need to eliminate the possibility that they will hurt each other during playtime. There are ways to solve the problem without having to resort to harsh or aggressive techniques.

First, be sure that your dog is playing with other dogs regularly. If he does not have enough playtime, he will look for opportunities to fight or play with other dogs. In addition, if your dog has been alone for a long period of time, he may start to look for other dogs to play with and will not be able to find them unless he knows where they usually play. This is why it is very important for you to take your dog for playtime on a regular basis.

Second, keep the play time limited to a couple minutes at a time. Use one or two commands to stay in the dominant position and don’t move from that spot. When your dog tries to attack you or tries to leap on you, redirect your dog to play with another dog by saying “out”. Your dog should realize that another dog doesn’t want to fight so he will let go of his goal to dominate you. If you can keep the playtime limited to 15 minutes at a time, this will teach him that you are the dominant partner and he will have fewer reasons to play when there are other dogs around.

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