The Natural Remedy For Your Dog

There are a few different herbal remedies you can utilize to effectively de-felch your dog. Two of the most popular herbal remedies used are cedar oil and lavender oil for dogs. These two oils can be used in their pure forms or mixed together for extra effectiveness.

Both of these essential oils are excellent flea deterrents. Both oils are very potent and have proven over time to be effective. The main difference between these two oils is the way they are used. Cedar oil for dogs is diluted with coconut oil and used as a shampoo.

Lavender oil for dogs should only be used topically on the affected area. Coconut oil is an excellent carrier oil. Therefore, coconut oil can be diluted with essential oils and then used to apply directly to the infected areas. Essential oils work better as treatment than diluting carrier oils. Essential oils also work synergistically with carrier oils for the best results possible.

To mix the coconut oil and essential oils, pour one tablespoon of each into a mixing container, such as a small glass milk container. Next, pour the contents of the container into a spray bottle, such as a baby bottle. Now all you need to do is spray the affected area(s) with the mixture. The best method for applying the mixture is to spray the area(s) directly with a larger amount of one carrier oil than the amount of essential oil being used.

Another great combination you can make with these oils is by combining lemon balm with coconut oil. You’ll want to combine about three drops of each. Then, put a few drops of lemon balm into one of your dogs tubs and lightly massage it in using the palm of your hand. Finally, add a few drops of coconut oil and continue massaging the bath for several minutes. This is another great way to fight off the fungus and bacteria.

While these are by no means all the combinations you can make, they’re some of the more popular ones that are available. In addition to new oil for dogs, there are other essential oils that can be used for treating this problem. You may want to talk to your vet to find out which ones are the best to use based on your pet’s needs. Some of these combinations, you may come across include tea tree oil, Rosemary, oregano, wormwood, lavender, cypress, lemon grass and so forth. Most of these combinations can be found at pet specialty stores and at holistic pet supply stores.

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