Tips on Setting Up Invisible Dog Fences

A dog fence or dog containment system is an invisible electronic fence designed to effectively keep a dog or other domesticated animal inside of a set of predetermined boundaries without the need of a physical boundary post. An electronic collar is sent to a dog when its warning alarm is ignored. The shock then follows the dog within the perimeter and has a range of effects ranging from a minor discomfort to a full-blown shock that can cause pain, fear, and immediate loss of balance and coordination.

Dog boundaries can be installed along the property line, on the border of a neighbor’s lot, around a yard or to surrounding trees or shrubs. Electric dog fences are highly effective because they are very visible and are intended to last for the lifetime of your dog. Many manufacturers offer warranties on their electric fences. Manufacturers sometimes provide lifetime warranties or repair warranties. The first step in locating and purchasing an electric fence for your pet is to consult with a veterinarian. He or she will be able to assess the size of your dog and recommend the most appropriate boundary for it.

Electric dog fence kits include an invisible boundary that are installed on the property line, a pre-painted fence, and a collar with a range of electronic sensors. Some of these kits include other accessories such as gates, feed-inhibitors, fences with motion sensors, and pet-safe fences. These accessories and other features can be purchased separately. Your veterinarian will help you find the best fence and accessories for your dog. The installation process can be performed professionally or at home. Electric fences are designed to be durable and long-lasting.

The advantage of electric fences is that they provide several safety advantages over other types of physical fences. They are not easily climbed over, climbable with a dog, or uprooted by the strong wind. They do not damage landscaping and are not known to cause children to injure themselves. In addition, they are less expensive than many traditional physical fences. Some people have reported having their electric dog fence installed in only a couple of hours, while others take two or more days.

If you decide to install an electric dog fence, then you should first decide where you want the perimeter to be. You need to leave enough space for your dog to move around and play. For instance, if you have a large dog with a lot of energy, you might want to set the perimeter closer to your house or yard. On the other hand, if you have a smaller dog, then you might want to set the perimeter closer to the front yard, so the dog will not see the inside of your yard.

There are other options for setting up the boundaries of your yard. You can use a combination of wired and wireless dog fences. Many people prefer the wireless system because it allows them more flexibility when it comes to positioning the boundaries. For example, you could place the invisible fence collar on the dog and then place the wires around the perimeter.

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