Training Your Dog to Stop Whining and Flailing

If you are a dog trainer or dog enthusiast and also happen to own dogs, I am sure that you’ve seen endless examples of dogs fighting for dominance. This behavior is so common in dogs that it is actually pretty funny to watch. It often appears on the screen to be like a competition between two dogs, however, there is really only one winner, and that’s the dog owner! Unfortunately, the owner loses, and it is the dog’s fault. If you have experienced this yourself, or witnessed someone doing this, then you should consider what may have caused this type of activity.

Dogs are very territorial animals, especially when it comes to hunting. When they are not seeking a mate, they will fight amongst themselves for access to a particular area or dog. Since they live in packs, they will also fight other dogs for the dominant position or even just for their attention. How To Stop Dogs Fighting For Dominance. 10-Dec-2021

If you have ever watched an amateur boxer or mixed martial arts fighter, you may notice that they will not hesitate to throw both punches at the same time. A puppy does not have the physical power of an adult, and the reason for this is because he has not developed fully. A boxer is trained to throw punches as soon as his master gives him permission, and other dogs, and especially puppies, need to be taught how to stop dogs fighting for dominance. You can take your puppy to a dog obedience class to learn proper commands and use a variety of treats and incentives to get him to submit to you.

If your dog does not want to submit, but is very persistent with chasing after you, do not allow him to pursue you, and keep walking away from him. Eventually, he will tire of you, and he will try to get you back! You will have a much better chance of stopping your dog’s pursuit if you stand there with your hands by your side or turn around and walk out of the way.

Do not use physical force, even if your dog tries to attack you. Even if he tries to bite you, it is not a good idea to let him do so. The last thing you want is for him to get even more bites from other dogs while you are defending yourself. You can get a great mini-depression for your dog by letting him know that he cannot get you back by biting you.

Even if your dog does not have a temper problem, it is important that you teach him acceptable social behavior. Even if your dog is gentle and submissive, he can still have problems with other dogs if they see him dominating other dogs. There is no reason for a dog to be aggressive towards his own breed or to become aggressive with other dogs when you are around, training him properly is one of the best ways to stop any aggressive behavior. If you try this method when you are around your dog, he will soon understand that he should always win in training and will try to win you over in the end.

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