Ugly Dogs – Finding The Ugly Dog Breed That Deserves Its Bad Rap

As the puppy mills are closing down and people are looking for a healthier way of raising their family pets, we are seeing more news about ugly dogs. In one article in the South Florida Sun-News it was reported that a “licensed private breeder” had three ugly dogs in his kennel and none of them looked like a poodle. It seems that these ugly dogs came from puppy mills and that the breeder didn’t know anything about their breeding standards. In another case in Florida a judge ordered a woman who had an ugly dog to give it away because he was “needy”. The judge called it a dog that was a danger to society and wanted to send it to a shelter.

There has been a lot of news about dogs and how they are treated. On Instagram many users have posted pictures of their own dogs with their tags saying “ashamed”. There is a popular Instagram account called pug Daddy where people post pictures of their pug puppies with the tags saying things like “ashamed”. Users are posting about their cute puppies getting dirty and posting things like “that looks like dirt from the floor” or “wow that’s a fine chewed up ball of fur”. This has created an internet buzz about ugly dogs and why people feel compelled to pay to look at them.

A dog day care in Sarasota called “The Pugs Party” will host a dog contest on June 20th. People can enter their ugly dogs in any number. The first place prize is a year subscription to a dog magazine. The second place prize is a vacation to visit a resort in Hawaii. The third place prize is a pug nug hybrid.

It appears that some pet stores are also starting a breeding program of some sort. One store in Clearwater has breeders who could potentially sell some American Bulldog mixes to those looking for a purebred American Bulldog with a pug flair. Other stores are advertising “pug puppies for sale” or “pug puppy studs”. While some of these may be purebreds, it doesn’t mean they would necessarily be a good match for your dog. You should know that the American Bulldog is a powerful breed and there is plenty of room for other dogs with the same traits. As a matter of fact, looking at the latest dog book on the market, which is popular with many dog fanciers, there are actually more Pugs in it than Bulldogs!

There are even some sites dedicated to ugly dog contests. They list the various purebred American Bulldogs and Pugs as well as other breeds. Some of them, such as the one in Sarasota are advertising only Pugs. But there are also websites with a wide variety of breeds listed that could potentially compete in ugly dog contests in your area.

The wrinkled Pug is one example of an ugly dog breed. Pugs are wrinkly from the neck down and around the face. Because of this, the Pugs are known to have lots of wrinkles along their fur. The wrinkled fur can be a sign of a health problem such as diabetes or an auto-immune disorder.

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