Using Essential Oils For Fleas On Dogs

There are many effective and safe essential oils for fleas on dogs, and cats. However, it is important to realize that each pet has a different tolerance to different scents and some react more easily than others. It is best to dilute the essential oils so the pet can breathe easier. Also, it is important to be sure you follow all directions on the application.

Lavender essential oils are great for treating and killing fleas. You will need to mix a small amount with some dish soap to make a thick paste. This paste should then be smeared onto the affected area. Make sure you leave at least a half inch of space between each piece of the paste. Do not forget to wash off the rest of the mixture off of the dog’s coat.

Peppermint essential oils are also very effective for treating and removing fleas from your pets. To make a peppermint shampoo, mix one ounce of peppermint essential oil with one quart of warm water. After the mixture has cooled, you can apply it to the body and hair of your pet. Dogs that suffer from foot problems should not use this mixture. It is best to bathe your dog with a mixture of baking soda and water because it is easier on their feet than any other bath products.

Tea tree essential oils are wonderful for treating skin irritations as well as flea bites. The essential oils will provide relief to your dog’s pain as well as help to kill the fleas. You can mix a small quantity with warm water and apply to the animals. Make sure you rinse thoroughly after the treatment. Be sure to dry the animals completely after the bath. For most pets, essential oils will provide essential relief from fleas and other skin irritations, but there are some dogs that can not use these oils.

If your pet gets fleas infestation, you may also want to try flea collars. These collars work very well for a very small fee. They contain essential oils that help to repel pests from your pet. Many people choose to use these sprays on their dogs. You should consult a veterinarian before using any flea or pest repellent products on your pets. Be sure to talk to your vet about the products that are safe for your pets and follow all directions to prevent any damage or over-spray.

Essential oils for fleas on dogs are beneficial for your pet’s overall health as well as a great way to eliminate fleas and other parasites that are harmful to your pets. There are many essential oils that you can choose from to treat your pet. Be sure to research the essential oils and choose ones that are safe for your pet’s health and will provide quick results.

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