What Are HypoAllergenic Dogs?

A hypoallergenic breed of dog is a canine breed supposedly more friendly with sensitive individuals than are other common breeds. The American Kennel Club (AKC) defines hypo-allergenic as a dog that has been bred for its inherent compatibility in relation to allergies. This also applies to the dog’s ability to be comfortable with humans, but not necessarily allergic.

Hypoallergen dogs were originally bred in order to create a more comfortable breed of pet. They have been bred for their ability to tolerate different things and to endure many different climates and environments. As a result they tend to be more adaptable. Some examples of hypo-allergen dogs include Dalmatians, Chihuahuas, Golden Retrievers, Maltese, and German Shepherds. The AKC believes that hypo-allergens are beneficial to dogs in a number of ways.

The AKC claims that hypo-allergens are advantageous because they are a breed that tends to tolerate most all of the environment. This means that the dog can be exposed to the environment and still remain in a safe state. It also means that the dog is not easily contaminated. Hypo-allergen dogs are not subject to a high risk of getting contaminated with an allergen, thus they do not have an increased risk of getting allergies as compared to other breeds.

These hypoallergenic dogs are bred to be comfortable with humans. It is believed that this is so that they do not become bothered when they come in contact with the same person or environment. However, there are cases where a hypo-allergen dog may not be used by someone with allergies. This is especially true if the dog is a border collie or an Australian Shepherd. The AKC states that hypo-allergens do not cause harm to humans if they are not being fed.

It is important to note that the hypoallergen of the dog is a natural occurring substance within the dog’s immune system and it does not pose any danger to a person’s health if consumed in large quantities. This also means that hypo-allergen dogs do not require special diets or supplements to avoid the dog becoming irritated.

Hypoallergen dogs can be found in all different sizes. They can range from medium sized to small. Although the smallest of hypo-allergen dogs are small in stature, they can be very long haired, while others are very small in height. These dogs will typically be found in the smaller breed category.

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