What Are the Signs of Your Dog Stuffed Up?

Food is by far the most common cause of a dog choking. Although this is the case, it should not be the only cause. In fact, many dogs will choke during the day while they are sleeping. Some will choke on wet food while others will choke easily on virtually any kind of food. Basically, dog choking on food isn’t even expected and if a dog hasn’t had issues eating before, then a dog might at some point experience this sudden emergency.

There are also several other less common reasons for a dog choking on food. One is the over-feeding issue. Many times it is not the lack of food that is the problem, but the way that it has been given. Dogs were meant to eat their meal in small, frequent, yet balanced bites. If a dog is getting more food than they can easily chew or digest within the twenty-four hour period, then this is going to lead to issues.

The next issue with dog choking comes from an upper respiratory issue. Some dogs are simply born with an abnormality in their breathing pattern. In these cases, the dog choking hazard is more likely to come from being over-exhausted. If the dog is not being walked regularly and is simply running around, they may experience difficulty in breathing. If a dog is experiencing kennel cough, then they may also experience this problem, as well as a number of others.

Puppies have also been known to suffer from dog choking hazards. Although puppies do not usually have these problems, they are growing and developing all the time. New puppies especially tend to have gas buildup in the stomach. The gas makes it difficult for the puppy to eat and prevents them from properly digesting their food. The gas builds up and leads to the puppies’ inability to effectively absorb vitamins and other nutrients that they would need.

The solution is to purchase a steel dog bowl that fits on the end of your leash and allows the dog to eat while it is on the leash. This allows them to have a good amount of air in their stomachs, but prevents them from swallowing air while eating. An old-fashioned wooden spoon will do a similar job. When purchasing an Amazon for your Golden Retriever, always look for one that has the option of using a collar that goes over the Amazon as well.

If you notice any signs of your Golden Retriever choking on its food, please contact your veterinarian immediately. Leaving the problem untreated could be life threatening to your pet. Remember, the more signs of dog choking you see, the more vital it is to get help right away. The earlier the symptoms are addressed, the less chance there is for your dog’s life to be threatened.

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