What Do Fleas Love? Discover The 3 Most Dangerous Things They Hate!

When it comes to getting rid of fleas, what do fleas hate? It’s surprising actually. The reason it is surprising is that the reason most people can’t figure this out is that they are looking at a problem that really only affects dogs. Dogs can be allergic to a wide range of things, from foods to flea treatments, and it’s almost impossible to know which ones are causing problems for your pet.

If you’ve got a dog or cat, it’s important to make sure you understand what is causing the itching and scratching. The most common culprit is flea saliva. It’s a natural reaction that your pet has to something they are being bitten by. This substance contains an acid that causes severe inflammation on the surface of the skin, and a dog or cat that gets bit often enough will have major irritation. It’s very important to quickly treat any animal that has fleas, as the problem won’t go away unless treatment is given.

Lemon juice is another great remedy for what do fleas hate. Lemon juice contains citrus enzymes which, when mixed with eucalyptus aromatic oil, are said to repel fleas from the area where they are biting. Pour some lemon juice into a spray bottle and spray down the bites. Use a clean cloth to apply the mixture, leaving it on the affected area for a short time, and then rinse with warm water.

Most fleas don’t like the scent of peppermint, and many dogs seem to find it disagreeable. Peppermint oil has proven to be an effective remedy for what do fleas hate, and this can be used directly on the area where the irritation is coming from. For example, rub some peppermint essential oils into the rashes on your dog’s body. Many experts recommend that dogs should be sprayed with this mixture at least once per day. Be sure to dilute the solution, as a very strong concentration can cause irritation.

Human hair works well with flea repellent products because it’s actually very similar to their own saliva. We all know that the saliva of a flea contains an acid that causes a burning sensation on the skin where it bites, but human hair is even more toxic. This makes human hair an excellent choice for what do fleas live on. Apply a small amount to the area where you think there may be signs of infestation, and leave it on for a few days. The chemicals in human hair will penetrate the hair and deaden the flea’s saliva, preventing any further irritation.

Finally, one of the least known reasons that dogs kill flea eggs is that they can eat them. Fleas will lay their eggs near the fur on your dog, and if you don’t kill them right away, these flea eggs can hatch and start to grow into larvae. Larvae will grow into pupae that will grow into adult flea eggs. Now you know why they bite!

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