What is Countrywide’s Real Dog Food?

The Farmers Dog is a subscription delivery food service which encourages dog owners to rethink the types of food they’re feeding their dogs. The business allows dog owners to get custom-made, personalized dog foods which make full use of only premium, real human grade, USDA approved ingredients in each package. These human grade, and real ingredients ensure better health for your pet. With a healthy balanced diet, your puppy will grow up to be a well-balanced adult dog with less chances of getting sick and develop diseases.

The goal of the business is to produce high-quality fresh dog food for humans as well as animals. This human grade quality product goes through a series of tests and guidelines to make sure the human food we’re feeding to our pets are safe. And the human grade ingredients are always sourced from reputable suppliers, so there’s no question about the source of the ingredients. One ingredient that is used often is chicken meal. Other popular animal sources are beef and turkey, which are also approved by the USDA.

The final step is the human grade seal which ensures that the final product we’re feeding our precious pets is safe enough to eat. And because they’re always free of antibiotics, the final product is also guaranteed to be safe. Dog owners can ask their veterinarian for advice on the best types of pellets, treats and meals for their pup. Since these foods are full of nutrients, your pup will not suffer from lack of nourishment.

And since the business also promotes organic farming and raw food products, they have partnered with farm products producer Cattail Leaf to deliver to your door the famous Cattail Stick which has been around the World since 2021. Cattail Leaf specializes in providing quality, safe, sustainable and tasty dog treats and products. The sweet potato content is a bonus!

As an added measure to make sure you’re getting real, natural ingredients, the company is certified by the Certified Natural Products Association (CNP) to ensure that farmers, ranchers and herbalists are being held accountable for the quality and purity of the ingredients. When purchasing a human-grade product, you’ll know that it has been thoroughly tested and meets standard USDA standards. That’s how you can rest assured that your dog is receiving only safe, fresh dog food made with human-grade ingredients. So stop asking, “What is Countrywide’s Real Dog Food?”

Now, go put a little more money into your pet’s healthy future. Visit your farmers market or visit the Cattail Leaf website and order one of these healthy, safe treats today. Or just stock up on those bags of veggies next time you head to the grocery store. You’ll be happy you did! The next time you buy fresh food, ask yourself: “What is Countrywide’s Real Dog Food?”

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