Why Do Dogs That Stay Small Want to Pull?

The life of a dog can be an enriching and enjoyable one, but it’s not always easy to take care of small dogs like how some people want their dogs to live. Some people use harnesses and collars to control their dogs, and this can be good for the dog and the owner, but it can also be harmful. In this article I will tell you why I think harnessing and collars are bad for small dogs.

I know that many dog enthusiasts love their dogs and have nothing but high praise for the harnessed dogs that they use to train them. I get all kinds of emails from dog owners that say that their dogs love being collared or harnessed. I am always asked if this is a good idea. The answer is yes. However, there are some very good reasons to avoid using these collars.

There is no question that dogs like to pull on the leash. It is natural for them. They were developed for that purpose. However, by using a harness they will only be pulling on the leash in front of you and not behind you. This means that your dog will have more space to move around, and it can get into scrapes that it might not otherwise have been in.

Many dog owners that have small dogs think that a collar is a great way to train them, and they like the way that the dog pulls on the leash. They don’t realize that it can be dangerous to use a collar like this, especially if the dog is a younger puppy. You should never start tugging on a collar with a small dog. It’s too early in the dog’s life for that, and he will get choked.

Also, I don’t think harnessing and collars are very attractive to small dogs. It just looks like they are being punished. A harness looks better, and it hides all of the unpleasant details of a collar. Harnesses are not cruel to small dogs, but they are not nice to look at either. A harness can be purchased online, at your local pet store, or you can make your own. There are plenty of good harnesses that look very nice, and will give your dogs a comfortable and safe place to live when you take them with you.

If you have small dogs, you may find that training them to walk on a leash isn’t as easy as you had thought. It may take a lot of treats and rewards. It can also be frustrating. However, when you take the time to learn how to train your dog, they will grow into good obedient dogs. The key to getting these types of dogs is to remember that they are small, and that they cannot pull on the leash as hard as they could if they were larger. The more praise and rewards that you give for good behavior, the less they will be able to pull.

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