Young Living Fleas On Dogs – How To Treat And Help Your Dog

Young living fleas on dogs are a serious problem. They will latch onto your dog as soon as it crawls out of the crate, or after it has been run over by another dog. They bite the dog and then go back to their hiding place where they can lay hundreds of eggs. It is up to you to get rid of these fleas before they turn into a full blown problem. It will take time, but with the right methods you can get rid of these pests that have invaded your home.

The first step you should take is to make sure that your dogs are properly cleaned prior to adoption. Dogs that are not properly bathed will provide the perfect environment for a flea infestation. This does not mean that you have to bathe the dog every day, just make sure that he is properly cleaned. If the dog spends any amount of time outdoors, it is important to make sure he is protected from fleas at all times.

The next step is to thoroughly examine any current items you have in your home that may be infested with young living fleas on dogs. There are many common things like pillows, comforters, sheets, comforter covers, blankets, clothes and socks that can provide the perfect breeding environment for the fleas. Some people like to use plastic mats at night while others like to hang towels around the baseboard. Placing the mats under things like couches, chairs and tables can help to get rid of fleas from your house.

While you are looking at all of the items in your home, look for other areas of your home that are dark and have low humidity levels. This is where a great flea breeding ground exists. Another thing to look for is the area around your dog’s ears. Young living fleas will love to hide there and start feeding right away. If you notice blood in the ear discharge or pustule, there is a flea infestation close by and you need to take action as soon as possible.

When you have found the problem areas, the next thing to do is to treat them. There are a variety of different products available ranging from flea collars to powders. These products have varying degrees of success. Some will get rid of adult fleas while others will kill the flea eggs.

When using any type of product for treating young living fleas on dogs, you need to be sure to follow the package directions closely. The idea is to not make the situation worse. Also remember that these fleas can become very aggressive if left untreated. They can bite and cause very uncomfortable itching. Keeping them off of your dog can be tricky but if you use a good product it should be effective.

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